& other Industry Application

Product : GCV Plasboard (Solid Layer)
Application : For use in Construction Building Formwork as well used in Flooring, Recreational, Interior, Farming panel applications, Poultry Form Decking & many other Industry applications.
Concept & Vision : To help aide in Environmental & Global Warming Issues and the Cost savings of the product.



• GREEN Labeling of the Product – Certified by Singapore Environment Council (Certification No : 041-021)
• GREEN Building Index – Green point scoring.
• IBS System Component – Certified by CIDB Malaysia.
• 100 times of usage – Cost & labor savings.
• 100% Waterproof – In either salt or freshwater.
• Termite & Fungus – Resistant & free.
• 1 Year Guarantee – Against panel de-lamination.
• No Release Agent Required – On slab Formwork, saving cost, time, our environment & labor.
• Added Time Productivity – By easy dismantling, preparation for painting & skim coating.
• User Friendly – Multifunctional in combinations with timber, metai, aluminum, galvanized, girder systems.
• In Stock Specialized Cut- to-Size – From a minimum length of 100mm to a maximum of 3600mm.
• Not restricted to just 4’ x 8’ – Making form working parts easy to handle which reduces breakages & waste (e.g. 2’x4’, 4’x4’ &etc.).
• Can be Nailed, Screwed, Drilled and Sawed – With the same tools as plywood.




The GCV R & D team has developed and designed a Special Cut-To-Size program for all GREEN building contractor’s. Our intention of GCV’s special Cut-To-Size GCV Plasboard is to reinforce “ZERO” waste of timber materials and the additional saving costs of time plus labor by using GCV Cut-To- Size Plasboard which saves the building contractor ondisposal fees and avoid the open burning of off all parts so as to keep in mind protecting our ecology as well as our environment for our future generations to come.The concept of this special program is to cater to a wide range of construction requirements for formworks such as slab, beam, wall and column work and other industrial applications.

GCV 100 100mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 150 150mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 200 200mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 250 250mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 300 300mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 350 350mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 400 400mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 450 450mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 500 500mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 550 550mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 600 600mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 650 650mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 700 700mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 750 750mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 800 800mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 850 850mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 900 900mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 950 950mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1000 1000mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1050 1050mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1100 1100mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1150 1150mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1200 1200mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1250 1250mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1300 1300mm x 1220mm / 1200mm
GCV 1350 1350mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1400 1400mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1450 1450mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1500 1500mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1550 1550mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1600 1600mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1650 1650mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1700 1700mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1750 1750mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1800 1800mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1850 1850mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1900  1900mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 1950 1950mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2000 2000mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2050 2050mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2100 2100mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2150 2150mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2200 2200mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2250 2250mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2300 2300mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2350 2350mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2400 2400mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2450 2450mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2500 2500mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2550 2550mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2600 2600mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2650 2650mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2700 2700mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2750 2750mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2800 2800mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2850 2850mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2900 2900mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 2950 2950mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3000 3000mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3050 3050mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3100 3100mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3150 3150mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3200 3200mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3250 3250mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3300 3300mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3350 3350mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3400 3400mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3450 3450mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3500 3500mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3550 3550mm x 1220mm /1200mm
GCV 3600 3600mm x 1220mm /1200mm