Cement Board possesses its wood-like properties and attribute of cement materials to the highest extent. Cement Board is strong, lightweight, waterproof and fire-resistant material. The surface shields against insects, termites and fugal growth.

Cement Board is extremely versatile materials that can be used in both interior and architectural projects. It can be used in a wide variety of applications such as for wall partitions, ceiling, flooring, roof sarking, decorative building elements, decking, wall cladding, fencing, lathes and more.

With the manufacturing process using the latest technology available, Cement Boards are produced in homogeneous form, highly durable and highly resilient to scratches and is guaranteed with a smooth finish for the entire surface.


Surface Layer

with a mixture of Portland cement bonded and sawdust. Smile Board withstands all strong compressive force while maintains a smooth surface throughout its lifespan.

Core Layout

With a mixture of Portland cement bonded and strips of chipped wood formation foi an extra bondage with cement. Smile Board internal structure reinforcement gives strength and elastjcity.








Type 3 High strength Portland cement is suitable for heavy duty applications.





Type 3 High strength Portland cement is suitable for heavy duty applications.



Environmentally Friendly – Non-toxic chemicals or additives such as Asbestos
High Sound Insulation – 30 — 35 db sound insulation rating

Ease Of Workability – Only minimal equipment and basic tools (drilling, cutting, stapling, etc.. ) required for panel installation

Fire Proof – Approved by the British Standards BS-476 for fire protection in buildings

Thermal Insulation – Thermally insulated panels reduces heat transfer and cools down the building

Asbestos Free

Termite/Fungus Proof

Weather Proof






Board 6 mm Thick available is only 1200 x 2400 mm. size.

Standard Board

This is a standard board size widely used in the construction industry with its natural cement grey surface. There are 2 size; 1200 x 2400mm and 1200 x 3000 mm. the thickress ranges from 8-24 mm. You selection depends on the room height. They are suitable for wall, ceiling, floor and other applications as you may apply.

6 8 10 12 16 20 24
Decorative Interior Wall
Constructive Interior Wall
Decorative Exterior Wall
Constructive EXterior Wall
Interior/Exterior Floor







Density Kg./m3 1,300 ± 10%
Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) N/mm2 ≥4,500
Modulus of Rupture (MOR) N/mm2 ≥9.0
Tensile Strength (Perpendicular to surface) N/mm2 ≥0.5
Moisture Content % 9-15
Thickness Swelling

(after 24 hours immersion in water)

% ≤2
Water absorption

(after 24 hours immersion in water)

% 10.00
Coefficient in Heat Conductivity (k) w/Mc 0.1
Acoustic Reduction Rating dB 30 – 35
pH Measure pH 12



Sound Insulation

Smile Board has sound insulation solubon for interior and exterior projects; wall partitions, ceiling and building exteriors. In addition. Smile board can also be used with other sound absorptive materials, such as acoustic foam and fiberglass, for a perfect interior or exterior acoustic solution.


Fire Resistance

-According to British Standard BS 476

Part 6 and 7, Smile Board is classified as a

type 0, Virtually non-combustible material

-Smile Board partition wall system passed

the 2 hours fire rating test according o

85 476 Part 22: 1987

Thermal Insulation

Smile Board homogeneous mixture of cement and wood materials has a great thermal insulation property required by todays many construcbon projects. where heat losses and energy savings are major concerns. With a very low heat transfer rate of 0.10 W/mc, Smile Board is a very efficient construction material.


Dimensional Tolerance (mm)

– Diagonal ± 4,0

– Width / Length ± 2.0

– Thickness 6— 12 mm ± 1.0

– Thickness 15— 20 mm ± 1.5

– Thickness 24 mm ± 2.0